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What is a Rave?

What is a Rave?

What is a Rave?

A rave involves loud thumping music, eccentric costumes, and vibrant shows with performances from DJs, and occasionally live performers get to play the dancing music. Rave parties began in the 1980s secretly happening in the after-hours in metropolitan cities as dance parties. The PLUR philosophy got created during these humble beginnings, which still occur today. The legendary Frankie Bones, a DJ from New York City, channeled this term as a way to represent the movement from the underground music scene that he noticed. PLUR means Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect; the core principles that rave culture is based on while celebrating love for music, dance, and self-expression.

Raves have adopted a mainstream culture that has evolved into a great deal and is more inclusive than way back. They got held in secluded and secret locations throughout the night, but nowadays, you no longer feature the parties in abandoned buildings without signs. Still, raves involve everything from the food vendors to the installation of art and other activities that the attendees perform.

EDM rave music

Today, many genres and sub-genres of electronic music appeal to most people. EDM festivals' popularity has skyrocketed over the years and resulted in the electronica type of songs' innovation. Many people are brought together magically through raves, and you get to meet various people from all walks of life, appreciating and getting along with one another. The ideology of PLUR binds people together, no matter how different they seem.

EDM stands for electronic dance music produced to get played at raves, clubs, and music festivals. You can listen from popular sites like Soundcloud, Spotify, or Live Nation Radio. Generally, it's characterized by percussion track repetition, a melody often played by synthesizers laid over percussions. Not all music genres and sub-genres in EDM sound the same because they have numerous different remixes, including house music, trance, drum and bass, dub, techno, moombahton, and hardstyle, jersey club and ambient.

EDM fashion

Many factors should be considered for a perfect rave outfit when attending an EDM festival. Self-expression is a medium that can be channeled fully through EDM fashion, and it should be a creative outlet that allows you to display your personality. Dream up your rave outfit ideas apart from personal comfort and style. Wear love pasties, Kandi beads, booty shorts, cute crop tops, furry hoods, stilettos or pumps when going to such parties. The general rule involves checking the weather and put on comfortable shoes so that you can freely get wild with the music festival.


The high-energy all-night raves, whether legal or illegal, are known to involve various clubs like MDMA, ecstasy, and LSD. Many ravers wrongly believe they are not harmful if used responsibly, and the effects get adequately managed. People who attend raves end to get involved more in drug experiences as reported, but not all party goers consume illegal drugs. The educational approach about MDMA and ecstasy has widely helped in the control of drug usage in raves nowadays. The dangers of unregulated rave events have also made promoters change their tactics and throw the parties per city regulation in various locations, ranging from small to multi-stage events.