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Reflective rave clothing

Reflective rave clothing


Imagine a scenario where you could actually turn out a party or music festival looking lit! Well, with the reflective rave clothing line it is hands down possible. Before we get started with a detailed discussion of the types of clothes that you can resort to for your next big event, let us quickly take you through the fundamental concept of these garments. When at a rave party, the surroundings are mostly dark with the occasional play of fascinating lights and laser beams, which is in all the soul of the gathering. Thus, to suit these specific environments, the reflective clothes have been delineated; they are accompanied by a lustrous surface knitted with innumerable blinging accessories all over the body and reflect an intriguing range of colors after the absorption of light, and hence the name.

So, here some reflective rave clothing ideas:

1. Bodysuits

The most common reflective clothing for a rave party is the bodysuits; a seamless amalgamation of chic, style, and comfort, these are a clear winner. The choices that you can avail comes in a wide array of neon colors, asymmetrical holographic designs, sequins and plan black matte cutouts, depending upon the theme and purpose that you will be wearing it to. Don these suits in isolation accompanied by a quirky hairdo with ample accessories or pair it with some rhinestone material on the underneath to enhance the color and reflection.

2. High-waisted shorts  

A style from the 90s that have made the loudest comeback is the high-waisted shorts; a universally flattering piece of clothing essential, when guarded with reflective fabric or attached with chains of similar descent, getting the party started is but inevitable. Pair it with a simple bikini top or a halter neck and you are good to go!    

3. Jackets  

The stalwart of reflective rave clothing, the shiny jackets are the ruler of every heart and rightly so. You can either have the whole thing made out of reflective fabric or choose a spot with a generous amount of space to carve out or implement a design with the fabric. For instance, if the entire jacket is made of rainbow beads or lets the center of it portray a logo or symbol fabricated by a matte material. Reversely, you can simply put on a denim jacket with reflective lights arranged eccentrically around the center to keep it simple, yet classy.

4. The reflective chains  

Lastly, we are going to be talking about the subtle, yet powerful accessories that play the most crucial role in turning your everyday wear into the most appropriate costume for a rave party. There are some dresses and bottoms that have these chains already attached to them, while the others create a whole new fashion by sticking all these chains together over a sheer fabric that eventually leads to a distinct piece of clothing.

As fashion enthusiasts, we do not believe in restricting styles and trend to particular sex; the unique styles and quirks brought about by every new vogue are what unifies us and the rest of the world. Therefore, all the above-mentioned reflective rave clothing works equally well when pulled off by both men and women, except the method of styling, which must differ depending upon their unalike anatomies.